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Oli Collab Comp Winner: Remy Hall

Posted by Oliver McDonald on

If you didn't hear, early October we ran a comp to give our customers the chance to have their own design hand printed on a t-shirt in the upcoming Oli Summer range. With over 100 entries over the week submissions were open, it was overwhelming how many rad, talented customers we have out there. However, there could only be 1 winner, and that was a talented 17 year old girl called Remy Hall. We thought we'd sit down with Remy and find out more about her creative background and about her artwork. 

First of all, who are you?

 A girl whose just graduated high school and isn't sure what to do after leavers and summer hahah. Grew up in Scarborough and lifes always revolved around the beach. 

Could you speak about how you got into drawing?

I got into drawing when I was younger, dad was super into art as well so we'd always do charcoal pictures together most nights. Then when I moved to churchlands in year 12 my art teacher told me to get back into drawings again, and that's when the "faces" idea happened and resulted in my year 12 piece being a spray piece of the faces on a wall at the school. 
How did you think of your submitted piece? Was there any inspiration behind it?

Bored in maths. I'm not a big maths person, and once again got distracted. My mate I was sitting next too was also super into art and I just said hold up let me draw your face weirdly, and that was the result. Afterwards jokingly said "yeah should put this on a tshirt would be rad".
What kind of subject matter do you like to draw?

Anything outside the box, I can't draw a normal face at all, it's gotta be a bit wack for it too look alright. Mainly like drawing black and white scenery that looks like it's a lsd trip aha
What made you want to enter the comp?
Just graduated high school and wanting to see a link to any sort of career. I thought this would be a cool way too start something. 

Lastly, any plans for the future?
Hopefully something in either graphic design or sport (2 completely different areas) , but definitely travel next year!!  
Check out the final piece of the collaboration below!
 photo Remy Collab Back_zpsutlic15t.jpg  photo Remy Collab Detail_zpsbra58utl.jpg  photo IMG_0303_zpseajc6olp.jpg  photo IMG_0300_zpskmxmgdlv.jpg

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