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Oli- Home studio #2 (converted bedroom) 2013 

Oliver McDonald officially launched Oli in late 2012 from a small home studio, but the idea had been in the making since he was 13. The idea was to create something original, authentic and raw. Since then Oli has established a small 3 man team which together have built on its small range of t-shirts, whilst keeping true to the ideas and ethics established back in 2012.

Oli continues to hand draw and hand print all of his t-shirts with his team out of there studio in Perth. With a heavy emphasis on extreme detail and subtle intricacy, Oli aims to create products that genuinely feel like a piece of art.

Furthermore, with each new range Oli builds on the idea that less is more, with each cut and sew piece being made completely by hand and strictly limited edition. Once sold out these pieces are never remade.

If you ever have any questions, comments, queries or problems, please feel free to email me. I will always try to get back to you, and if I don't, please send the email again, the chances are I opened your email whilst out and about with the intention to reply when I got back in the studio.  

Below are some projects we have been involved in over the years. It's nice to watch them and notice the development of the brand, but also notice the same direction being followed by Oli whilst staying true to what it's all about.

 Oli for Perth Artists Season 1 in 2014

Oli 4 Year Anniversary - 2016

Oli. - A Short Film from oli clothing on Vimeo.



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