Oli. - A Short Film

Oli. - A Short Film from oli clothing on Vimeo.

Celebrating 4 years of Oli and doing what we love.
As an eager 18 year old in November of 2012, I deferred from my Uni degree and decided to do what I had always wanted to do. I worked two jobs to save up enough money to buy a dodgy old second hand screen printing jig (which I still use today) and threw myself in the deep end.

I started Oli because I'm passionate about drawing, fashion, business and the city of Perth. I've always firmly believed that you should only do something if you're passionate about it, otherwise there's no point doing it. The enjoyment of doing what you love far out ways any other factor, whether that be money, job security, status etc. Don't do shit because you think you have to do it, or because you're expected to do it. Do it because you genuinely want to. Do it because you're passionate about it, and then you will be successful. Four years on and a lot has changed but the idea stays the same. Make things ethically, make things that are different, and do it well. This will never change and I will continue to do it for as long as I can.

Special thanks to my team Phoebie and Hayden, without you both none of this would be possible. Another big thank you to my closest family and friends, you know who you are. And of course a massive thank you to you. Without your support over the journey this would be nothing. You are the backbone of what we do and I look forward to another 4 years of your love and support. Big ups to the boys at Smith & Weston Co for four months of putting this film together. Legends.

Enjoy the video and stay loyal.
Oli xx