Cut & Sew

2015/16 Summer Release

This Summer release is my fouth running cut and sew range. The L.M.T.D range really looks at products as a piece of art rather than just another item of clothing, with each item marked with a label stating how many were produced. For example, 1/50 states there are only 50 ever made, and there will only ever be 50 pieces, as I do not remake any cut and sew items. Building on the 2015 winter release I really wanted to expand on what I managed to achieve in that range, whilst making small adjustments to things like fit and the intricate details. Whilst doing so I wanted to continue on developing the Oli range into something more than just a line of hand printed t-shirts, into more of a complete label. Whilst doing so I didn't want to create something completely irrelevant to the previous Oli style, but something more in tune with the themes which I'm most passionate about; those being hand printing, detail, fit, and quality. For this reason I teamed up with an internationally renowned German designer, who with her team was able to make my drawings and ideas into physical products. Each item in this cut and sew range has been carefully thought out and made completely from scratch. Every element has been considered from cut, fit, fabric to stitch, and most importantly all graphics have been hand printed the traditional way, just like the rest of the Oli t's. 

Below are some photos I took whilst overseeing and documenting the the planning and production stages throughout 2014. For me, it was really important to be a part of the physical production phase as much as possible, because thats how I have operated Oli for the past three years. Furthermore, it was even more important for me to meet the people who were making these products, as I don't like the idea of Oli being a faceless brand. If you didn't already know, I try my best to be as approachable as possible and really like talking to and hearing from people surrounding the brand. It's because of this that I felt like it was very important not only to oversee this production stage, but meet and talk to the extremely skilled people who were making my products. For those who are interested, these cut and sew products from this L.M.T.D range were all made in great working conditions. I do not support sweat shops, which is why these products were all made by small businesses, most of whom are made up of 3-4 people who are often family members, and their workshops were often located on the side of their family homes. Its because of this that these products may have been more expensive and taken slightly longer to be produced, but the quality of the garments are of an extremely high standard. Each garment was made at a different location by different people who each specialised in their own area, such as jersey or cotton twill. I'm a strong believer in the saying "you get what you pay for", which is why these products are all about quality over quantity making them all very limited. If you have any questions or want to know more about this range or any of the products, please feel free to email me at