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We're a very small, hands on team. Starting out in 2012 Oli began as a hobby,
and as it developed so has the team behind it with everyone playing a vital role.

"the real boss"

Phoebie is the organisation behind the business. She is in charge of running the Mount Lawley store, all online orders and online enquiries. She also handles the hard bits of business behind closed doors including the accounting, book keeping, and the hardest job of all, putting up with Oli...


We came across Liam a couple of years ago when he modelled for a Spring Lookbook. Upon talking to Liam we soon realised he was a multitalented creative who would fit nicely into our family. Liam shoots all of the photography for us including lookbooks and product imagery. Liam also screen prints the majority of stock in the warehouse, and works in our Mount Lawley Store.


Oli started the business as a bedroom hobby back in 2012. These days he works predominantly in product development and likes to keep busy in the Store and the Studio. A big focus of his has been on planning and making sure he's always working on new ideas and new designs. He believes having a multitalented team around him is key in allowing the brand organically function without forcing anything. 


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