We're a small, hands on team. Starting out in 2012 Oli began as a hobby, and as it developed so has the team behind it with everyone playing a vital role.


Oliver is the founder and co-owner of Oli with his partner Phoebie. These days Oli focuses on the general running and development of the brand, working closely with the team to establish and maintain sustainable growth. Oli's core focus revolves around planning. This includes the structuring of releases, development of new collections and implementing systems for the team. Outside of the brand Oli enjoys footy, painting, a few vinos with the boys and being a dad.


Phoebie is the co-owner of Oli and within the team she's referred to as the real boss. Since officially working with Oli in 2016 Phoebie has introduced development strategies and taken over the administration of the business. Phoebie handles the logistics and financial side of the brand whilst also dealing with the daily operations of the business. Outside of the brand Phoebie enjoys gardening, coastal drives, keeping fit and being a mum. 


Jamie started working at Oli in January 2018. Over the past 4 years Jamie has filled a number of roles and still works as an all-rounder. Currently Jamie works predominantly at the warehouse packing orders and organising stock for releases. He is particularly good on the chat and completing mundane tasks most people would hate. Jamie is currently studying to be a high school teacher and when he's not working he enjoys photography, beers, eating burgers, squidding and spending time with his friends and family. 


Micah came on board in Jan 2020 working as a screen printer. Recently he's also moved into a design role with Oli, working on hand drawn illustrations for upcoming releases. This has been a great asset to the team as whilst Micah and Oli have similar styles, they do things slightly differently which means they can bounce of each other well. With a passion for art, fashion and screen printing Micah is an integral part of Oli. In his own time, Micah enjoys rock climbing, the great outdoors and getting back to his home town Denmark.


Tenzin started working at Oli in November 2020 taking on the role of in house photographer. T-bone shoots all of our website product photos, look books and general process based/lifestyle shoots. Tenzin has been such an important part of the brands growth especially transitioning from monthly releases to weekly. When he's not working, Tenzin enjoys getting back to his hometown in Denmark, meal prepping and keeping fit. 


Jarvis started working at Oli in July 2022, joining our production team and importantly being an all-rounder. Along with production Jarvis is also part of our warehouse operations, assisting on photoshoots/documentation. Outside of Oli Jarvis loves sewing, wakeboarding, monopoly and driving an hour and 10 mins to work everyday.

Sarah - jane dalla rosa

Sars is a story of good timing, started work at Oli in July 2022 after applying for a job as a Screen printer the day before we were about to advertise for it. Meant to be! Sars is super hard working with a keen eye for detail & an infectious laugh. Outside of work Sars loves art, gardening, punk shows and cooking.


Sakura started working at Oli in April 2021. She's in charge of all things warehouse related including: packing online orders, quality control, organising stock for releases and assisting in product development. Outside of Oli, Sakura loves dogs, fashion, traveling, art, craft beers and a good spag bog.

Toki Malomo

Toki came to us as work experience student during the busy build up to summer in 2022. A hard worker she quickly earned herself an official job at Oli as soon as her work placement finished. Since then she hasn't missed a beat, working weekends in our retail store in Northbridge. Outside of Oli Toki loves watching and playing AFL, music, fashion and collecting shoes.