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As part of our Do Good Project were so stoked to launch our Pre Loved program. Where people who have collected our clothing over the years have a platform to send in their no longer wanted Oli Clothing to keep it from sitting in an overcrowded second hand store or ending up in landfill. Send in your Oli Clothing no matter how old at our Northbridge store and be gifted $10 credit per item. Your items will be mended, sorted where necessary, then either re-sold through our Pre Loved collection here on our website or donated to our partners at Youth Futures right here in Perth.

Youth Futures are a non-profit organisation helping troubled and at risk young people, providing them with a variety of programs across three core areas; Homelessness, Education, Support and Wellbeing. Items that we donate to Youth Futures will be given to Young People who could be homeless, living at temporary housing or simply struggling to make ends meet. Any item we deem to be in a lesser condition will be used in house for test prints as part of our screen printing and production process meaning no item goes unused.

This program is something we've been working on for years, by supporting it you are making a real difference to the environment & peoples lives. Be the first to be notified about our Pre Loved releases by selecting the button below.